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5 Netflix TV Shows to Binge-Watch Any Weekend



Weekend is almost here in Australia, meaning it’s time to kick back and relax!

From grabbing a bite with friends or having a fun family picnic to indulging in a Netflix marathon, there’s nothing like spending a few days unwinding and making the most of the weekend.

Well, if you choose to spend this weekend binge-watching on Netflix, we have just the show lineup that will keep you glued to your screens all weekend long.

The entertainment experts at Digital Daily News, have selected the top five addictive TV shows on Netflix that you won’t be able to stop binge-watching.

Are you ready to read on?

1 – The Night Agent: Brace yourself for heart-pounding action as FBI operative Peter Sutherland navigates through dangerous missions in this thrilling espionage series.

This Netflix series guarantees nonstop action and thrilling stunts that will leave adrenaline junkies in awe. The show is packed with conspiracies, politics, action, and crime.

‘The Night Agent’ follows Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent on desk duty, working from the White House basement.

While manning the helpline for Night Action, an unofficial branch consisting of members from the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies, he uncovers hidden secrets about influential individuals in the US government.

To find out more what happens next, tune in to Netflix this weekend and let us know in the comments below how it was?

2 – Cabinet of Curiosities: If you’re a fan of old-school horror, slashers, body horror, or any of del Toro’s films, this anthology is a must-watch.

Explore a captivating world where curiosity is the focus: discover eight thrilling stories that were inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s incredible imagination.

Creepy creatures from beyond our realm lurk in unexpected corners—the perfect show for those who enjoy dark mysteries tinged with elements of horror.

Guillermo del Toro has curated eight tales ranging from the creepy to the gothic to the absurd and directed by filmmakers he handpicked.

3 – The Haunting of Hill House – Netflix released ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ three years ago. This horror series is newer, scarier, and more immersive.

The series is an adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s famous novel ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. The show created by Mike Flanagan, is a huge success that has generated a lot of excitement and fear among viewers on social media. Master of horror writing Stephen King said it was “close to a work of genius”.

Get ready to be scared by spooky ghosts inside the walls when supernatural encounters reveal hidden secrets in this bone-chilling creation.

Immerse yourself completely as tragedy unfolds while exploring themes like family bonds disguised behind chilling spectres—truly spine-tingling from start till finish!

The Haunting of Hill House is not only terrifying, but also traumatising. The series is about a family that spent a summer in a haunted mansion called Hill House.

Something tragic happened to the mother, played by Carla Gugino. The children grow up away from the house, but the ghosts never stopped following them.

Flanagan’s work features powerful images and delves into the characters’ fears, allowing us to experience their personal anxieties. It’s hard to sleep afterwards, and, when you eventually do, those ghostly visuals linger in your dreams.

A key part of the fear is in the characters, and the Crain family is filled with darkness. The series’ initial emphasis is on building and understanding those characters, shaping them into people we can feel scared for.

4 – Manifest – Hold on tight, because Flight 828 has made a remarkable comeback after its enigmatic vanishing, left viewers across the globe spellbound!

Manifest delivers increasingly more mysteries each season, keeping viewers captivated with unexplained phenomena and intricate character relationships.

This sci-fi sensation leaves audiences in suspense until they are completely shocked by the end of each season.

In April 2013, Flight 828 departed from Jamaica heading to New York City. After experiencing turbulence during the flight, the plane landed again five-and-a-half years later, in 2018.

The world was shocked to hear that the flight had returned, with all passengers still alive and not having aged at all.

Creepy and compelling all at once, right?

5 – The Witcher: The Witcher is equally magical, mystical, and otherworldly. It takes place in a fictional world known as ‘The Continent’, and there are several different kingdoms within the continent, too.

Geralt de Rivia is the main character and the highlight of the show for us.

He is a monster hunter with magical powers who faces moral dilemmas in a world full of mythical creatures and magic.

He’s handsome and swift, and even though Geralt is a monster hunter, he seems to live by a code of a higher level. He doesn’t kill unless he absolutely must, and it never seems as if it’s purely for sport.

So, what are your plans this weekend?


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Netflix Subscribers Surge To 270 Million



Netflix Subscribers Surge To 270 Million

Netflix has exceeded all expectations in the first quarter of 2024, reaching approximately 269.60 million subscribers by March 31. This achievement comes as a surprise even to the streaming giant itself, which was projected to add only 3.93 million subscribers in the same period. The platform’s early 2024 lineup, featuring new breakout hits like Avatar: The Last Airbender, 3 Body Problem, The Gentlemen, Fool Me Once, Griselda, and Damsel, has played a significant role in attracting a larger audience.

One of the key strategies that helped Netflix achieve this milestone was cracking down on accounts sharing passwords. By tightening security measures, the platform has not only retained existing subscribers but also managed to attract new ones. Netflix’s consistent flow of original movies and TV series, along with content from other studios, has kept viewers engaged and loyal to the platform.

Despite its impressive subscriber numbers, Netflix recently announced its decision to stop reporting quarterly subscription totals starting in 2025. This unexpected move has raised eyebrows within the industry, as the platform’s subscriber numbers have traditionally influenced its stock prices. The decision to withhold these numbers suggests that Netflix may anticipate a future decrease in subscribers and wants to prevent a corresponding drop in its stock price.

Furthermore, Netflix is gearing up for a shift in its content strategy. The platform aims to produce original movies that are “better, cheaper, and less frequent” than in the past. This new approach also involves moving away from making massive upfront payments to established stars and creators. The impact of these changes on Netflix’s future as a movie and TV studio remains to be seen, but the company seems focused on finding a balance between quality content and cost efficiency.

With its subscriber base continuing to grow at an impressive rate, Netflix maintains its position as the undisputed king of the streaming realm. The platform’s ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences and deliver compelling content has solidified its dominance in the industry. As the competition in the streaming market intensifies, Netflix’s strategic decisions and innovative content offerings will be crucial in sustaining its success and staying ahead of the curve.

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How the Beatles Won Australia Over Minus the Razzmatazz



How the Beatles won Australia over minus the razzmatazz

Here’s a look back at how the Beatles captured the hearts of Australian fans during their 1964 tour, without the extravagant stage effects that are common in today’s concerts.

Teenager Sandi Keane vividly remembers the excitement of seeing the Fab Four at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Hotel. The Beatles, in the midst of Beatlemania, were greeted by hundreds of thousands of screaming fans lining the streets from Essendon Airport to the city center.

Despite the overwhelming crowds, the Beatles were thrilled by the reception. They engaged with the fans, with drummer Ringo Starr even joking about his daring entrance into the hotel.

At the Festival Hall concerts a few days later, super fans like Ms. Keane were immersed in the Beatles’ music and energy. The band, representing a new generation of change, played a key role in the cultural shift of the 60s.

While their performance may seem simple by today’s standards, with just their voices and instruments, the impact of the Beatles’ music was undeniable. Songs like “She Loves You” resonated with fans like Ms. Keane, creating a joyous and unforgettable experience.

Now, 60 years later, the Beatles’ Australasian tour is celebrated as a defining moment of Beatlemania. A new book, “When We Was Fab: Inside the Beatles Australasian Tour 1964,” compiled by Greg Armstrong and Andy Neill, captures the essence of that historic moment.

Reflecting on the Beatles’ personalities, Ms. Keane describes Paul McCartney as having a “honey on toast-type voice,” John Lennon’s raspy tones, Ringo Starr’s shyness, and George Harrison’s reserved nature. Despite their fame, the Beatles remained true to themselves.

The Beatles’ ability to captivate audiences with just their music and presence, without the need for elaborate stage effects, is what makes them timeless. Their performance, filled with raw talent and genuine connection, continues to resonate with fans today.

As the Beatles left a lasting impact on Australia during their 1964 tour, their legacy lives on through their music and the memories of fans like Sandi Keane, who experienced the magic of Beatlemania firsthand.

The Beatles’ influence on music and pop culture is undeniable, with their simple yet powerful performances showcasing the true essence of their talent. Despite the passage of time, the Beatles’ music continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world, proving that sometimes, all you need are four boys in suits and ties to win over a nation.

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How Many Game of Thrones Seasons?



How Many Game of Thrones Seasons

With its epic storylines, intricate characters, and captivating drama, Game of Thrones became a cultural phenomenon that captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. Lasting for a total of eight seasons, this iconic fantasy series created by George R.R. Martin mesmerized audiences with its intricate plots, stunning visuals, and unexpected twists. Dive into the kingdoms of Westeros and Essos as we explore the journey of Game of Thrones through its many seasons.

Overview of the Series

Adaptation and Original Content

For fans of the popular series “Game of Thrones“, the show is known for its impressive adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels. While staying true to the essence of the books, the show also introduced original content to enhance the viewing experience.

Summary of Themes and Genre

With its intricate plots, complex characters, and constant power struggles, “Game of Thrones” explores deep into themes of politics, power, morality, and betrayal. The show seamlessly blends elements of fantasy, drama, and action to create a captivating viewing experience.

The genre of “Game of Thrones” can be categorized as epic fantasy, with a unique blend of medieval elements, magic, and political intrigue. The series has gained a massive following for its ability to transport viewers to the fictional world of Westeros and Essos, where characters navigate through a web of alliances and conflicts.

Examination of the Seasons

Breakdown by Season

Examination of the seasons of Game of Thrones reveals a meticulously crafted narrative that unfolds over eight compelling seasons. Each season plays a significant role in advancing the intricate storylines, showcasing the world of Westeros and the battle for the Iron Throne.

Key Plotlines and Character Developments

One of the defining elements of Game of Thrones is its complex web of key plotlines and character developments that captivate audiences around the globe. From the power struggles in King’s Landing to the epic battles beyond the Wall, each season expertly weaves together the destinies of the characters, raising the stakes and immersing viewers in a world of political intrigue and dynamic relationships.

With characters like Daenerys Targaryen’s journey from exile to queen, Jon Snow’s discovery of his true identity, and the intricate schemes of players like Cersei Lannister and Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its unpredictable twists and turns.

Cultural Impact and Reception

Critical Acclaim and Awards

After the launch of Game of Thrones in 2011, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon, praised by critics and audiences alike for its complex characters, intricate storytelling, and stunning visual effects. The series received numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series and individual performances.

Influence on Popular Culture

Any fan of Game of Thrones can attest to its significant impact on popular culture. The show sparked worldwide discussion and speculation, with fans dissecting every episode for clues and theories. The series also influenced other forms of media, inspiring a surge in fantasy television shows and novels that aimed to capture the same level of intrigue and depth.

To delve deeper into the influence of Game of Thrones on popular culture, it’s important to note that the show not only redefined the fantasy genre but also set new standards for television production and storytelling. Its success paved the way for other epic series to take risks and explore darker, more intricate narratives, making it a landmark moment in television history.


The Impact of Game of Thrones extended beyond just entertainment. The series sparked conversations about power dynamics, moral ambiguity, and the consequences of war and politics. It also propelled its cast and crew to international stardom, turning actors into household names and showcasing the talent of behind-the-scenes professionals in the industry.

Additional Media and Spin-offs

Prequels and Companion Series

To expand the rich world of Westeros, HBO has announced several prequels and companion series to keep fans engaged in the Game of Thrones universe. These upcoming shows will examine into the history and lore of George R.R. Martin’s intricate world, providing audiences with new perspectives and insights into the events that shaped the realm we know from the original series.

Other Game of Thrones Related Works

Series such as “House of the Dragon” have been greenlit and are highly anticipated by viewers eager for more tales from the Seven Kingdoms. Additionally, the network has hinted at potential spin-offs and adaptations of other works by George R.R. Martin, ensuring that there will be no shortage of content for fans craving more intrigue and drama.

Works set in the Game of Thrones universe have become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide with their complex characters, political intrigues, and epic battles. Whether through TV spin-offs, books, or other forms of media, the legacy of Game of Thrones continues to thrive, ensuring its status as one of the most beloved fantasy franchises of all time.

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Summing up

Hence, with a total of eight seasons, Game of Thrones captivated audiences around the world with its intricate plots, complex characters, and epic battles. While the series came to an end in 2019, its impact on popular culture and the entertainment industry continues to be felt. Fans will forever debate the direction of the final seasons and the fates of their beloved characters, but there is no denying the lasting legacy of this groundbreaking show.

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